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on Jacob/Bella fanfiction

Okay, so lately I've noticed a big increase in the amount of J/B fanfictions being posted at I'm not sure why this is (maybe it's to do with the New Moon trailer?) but it's pretty dramatic; I used to read pretty much everything J/B that got posted there in order to act as a kind of a filter and rec the good stuff here, but now... there's no way I can keep up.

On top of that, the AH OOC fics have finally hit. A few short months ago I would have said, pretty confidently, that those just didn't exist in our corner of the fandom. But now, suddenly... I've seen teacher/student shenanigans, Bella is a famous singer and Jacob is her bodyguard, Jacob is an angsty painter and Bella is his sexy muse, something called 'Fat Chance' in which Bella was a fat kid but came back to town all hot, a fic where Bella was a real mom-mom who was grieving her husband (Edward) and having an affair with Jake behind Nessie's back, and most recently, Jacob is in a band with the Cullen boys and Bella is like, a groupie or something.

It's weird.

I think the canon-based honeymoon is finally over for us.
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