What happened to JACOB BLACK N PACK (or something like that)?

So New Moon was on tv the other day, and my friend and I were at home and watched it... and I somehow ended up reading some J/B fanfic that night. This was after a long time without approaching the Twilight fandom at all. Anyway, I wanted more fanfic, and I remembered I used to go on JACOB BLACK N PACK to get fanfics, and now its gone, and apparently its been gone for quite a while, anyone knows what happened?


Ages ago, I wrote a story. 2011, to be exact. In 2012 I came across it on my computer again and posted the first chapter. Then I forgot to finish posting. Life got complicated. However, the story is complete, and I found it again, so I thought I'd go ahead and finish posting it. I expect to put up all 21 chapters within the next 2 months, posting every 2-3 days as I have time. Chapters 1 and 2 are available now.

Always ~ Chapter 1

Also, if anyone is interested, the rest of my Twilight fanfic is in my memories section. I will warn you that some is not Jacob/Bella. Several are. However, it is primarily NOT Edward/Bella, at least. ;)

I don't know how much fan fiction is really still being posted, since I've been out of the fandom so long. But, if you get a chance to stop over to read it, I hope you'll take the time to comment. A girl likes to know her work is appreciated, after all. Lol!

Taylor Lautner

I happen to think that Taylor Lautner is the absolute hottest man on the planet. If I weren't around ten years older than him I would probably be his stalker. LOL. Anyway, it would be cook to meet him though. Get a pic, and signiture. Maybe a kiss too. ;) I have seen Abduction. I thought it was a good movie. It was also good to see him playing a pretty normal teenager instead of brooding all the time. I love Jacob. I'm a big ts fan, but he is a good actor in other films as well. My daughter loves lava boy and shark girl. :) Who agrees with everything I just said?!

P.S. Taylor is from the same state as me. <3

Looking for a fic

I'm hoping someone remembers this fic! I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago where Jacob and the pack are super models and Bella is their manager.  They go to Italy for a photo shoot and before they go Leah gives Bella a make over.  Bella and Jacob hook up many times, but something always happens where they can't fully consummate their relationship.  I know there's a scene where Bella wears a slinky dress to dinner with some other guy and Jake sees her and is insanely jealous.  There's also an older woman who is their contact or employer in Italy who is desperately after Jacob.

Does anyone remember this fic and where I can find it?

Jacob/Bella party!

Because this popped up on my tumblr dash yesterday:

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 7.53.28 am

And because rayerei was late to the last one.

Let's talk about our Jacob/Bella feelings, however the hell many years it is on now. I still have them. You still have them. Let's vent.

A question: what's the Jacob/Bella moment you still remember out of the blue sometimes that makes your heart ache?

Another question: what's the ship you ship now that kind of reminds you of Jacob/Bella and sometimes you get really scared of what the hell the writers will do to it because holy mother of Jake/Nessie I AM LITERALLY CROSSING MYSELF.

A third question: Six years later, have your feelings towards Breaking Dawn changed? Have you softened or hardened toward it? Did you carefully cultivate selective amnesia in relation to it and I just ruined it? Sorry :/

A fourth question: What's the tag people use for Jacob/Bella on tumblr? Do people even use the tag? Don't you wish people did more illustrations of the book Jacob/Bella and less giffing of Taylor's abs? No? Okay, fair.

A fifth question: REMEMBER THAT EPIC REREAD? I feel like we should do an epic reread of the epic reread.

Twilight Podfic Anthology

Hey y'all. Sad to see it's so empty here. :(

Over the last year, I've been podficcing all of my Twilight fics just because, and I finally finished. I thought I'd share here, since two and a half hours of it are Jacob/Bella.

Title: PeskyWhistpaw's Twilight Podfic Anthology
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Jacob/Bella, Jacob/Leah, Edward/Rosalie, Leah/Bella, Quil/Angela, Rosalie/Leah, gen
Rating: G-R
Length: 06:44:47 for podbook, a couple hours less for MP3
Link to text version: My LJ Masterlist of Twilight Fics

Download Links Here (m4b + mp3)

anyone likes edward/bella here?

i liked the j/b pairing (i still do) because jacob was always one of my favorite characters and i always liked his interactions with bella and i always strictly read him with her (i was finishing fall for you the other day). i always felt they had chemistry. however i see the pairings so separate because of bella being almost 2 different characters. with jacob she seems more daring and with edward more self conscious and tbh more like the character bella was originally stablished as (insecure, a loner, etc). jacob's bella seems more like i think meyer is irl, not bella.
anyway, now all i see online is stuff like "tswizzle's u belong with me video tells a better love story than twilight in 3 minutes" and shit like that and somehow i feel defensive over e/b. and i got reminded the reason the i got sucked in twilight initially was their story (twilight) their tension (when i first read it, i was waiting for them to do it all through the first book and my first thought when buying eclipse was are they going to do it in this book? lol) bella's infatuation and i cant help this feeling feels i could relate to so well, i like the fact they give off a similar aura (being lonely and stuff) and as short as it was, bond over things like books and music (i bonded with my ex boyfriend over anime lol), i like how edward isnt an "alpha male" whos a player with girls, i like how bella is at first like isnt this wrong and unhealthy but then she's like fuck it i want him i want to live this love. i think allowing yourself to be vulnerable is kind of a strenght too. i also like how they dont do the whole will they ever get together or not (example, ron and hermione, and btw i like that pairing, its just that when i first read twilight, i was used to that kinda thing and it surprised me bella and edward got together pretty fast). and i also like the idea of vamps being like penguins only having one true mate.
idk i think all the sudden outsider hate for twilight and e/b general made me realise i do have a soft spot for them. anyone else also feels this way them despite being JB fans? i know it's a J/B community so sorry if this is not allowed and if annoys some of u guys that are J/B hardcore and not E/B at all sorry too i want to talk it out with nice people unlike most lion_lambers who totally hate jacob lol