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Jacob/Bella party!

Because this popped up on my tumblr dash yesterday:

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 7.53.28 am

And because rayerei was late to the last one.

Let's talk about our Jacob/Bella feelings, however the hell many years it is on now. I still have them. You still have them. Let's vent.

A question: what's the Jacob/Bella moment you still remember out of the blue sometimes that makes your heart ache?

Another question: what's the ship you ship now that kind of reminds you of Jacob/Bella and sometimes you get really scared of what the hell the writers will do to it because holy mother of Jake/Nessie I AM LITERALLY CROSSING MYSELF.

A third question: Six years later, have your feelings towards Breaking Dawn changed? Have you softened or hardened toward it? Did you carefully cultivate selective amnesia in relation to it and I just ruined it? Sorry :/

A fourth question: What's the tag people use for Jacob/Bella on tumblr? Do people even use the tag? Don't you wish people did more illustrations of the book Jacob/Bella and less giffing of Taylor's abs? No? Okay, fair.

A fifth question: REMEMBER THAT EPIC REREAD? I feel like we should do an epic reread of the epic reread.
Tags: why we like j/b more than e/b take 2740

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